Picakidz Piñata
Picakidz Piñata

Picakidz Piñata

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Filling: (8) 5oz bags of Picakidz Dulces Enchilados - Gushers, Sandia, Skittlez, Ositos, Peachy, Mango and Fruit Rolls, Watermelons Slices & a handful of your favorite popular Mexican candies.

Includes: 2 Chamoys (Pick your favorites)

Piñata comes with a matching stick, a post card, your favorite Mexican candy, filled with our hand crafted chili coated candy bags and 2 chamoys!

Perfect gift for a birthday boy or girl, graduate, promotion or just to show some love!



 ** Piñata Size: 15”x14”x4”

**Please provide 3-5 business days for shipping.

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