Our Spicy Story

Our names are Lia and Belle, the 10 & 11 year old girls that make your spicy treats! Well technically, not make them because my mom took over that part now but we do help a lot in the process. This all started when with the help of our parents, we started selling chili candies at school to make a little extra money.
Covid hit and we had to stop but by that time we had already evolved into a small family business, of course with the help of social media. We were in disbelieve over all the love and support we were getting! When we hit 1000 followers on Instagram we were in the kitchen jumping in a circle with our arms around each other ha-ha. It was and still is a big deal.
With school, sports and now candy making, we kinda let our mom take over social media and everything else that's important. Mom still wants us to enjoy being kids.



Hi, I'm Jovana :)
I'm so proud of my girls. They are the most hard working kids I know. They do all the smaller task like sticker, weigh and seal each bag. That may not sound like much but when we are shipping out hundreds of order each week, it can be pretty tiring for a busy kid.
So what do we sell?
Chili Covered Candies. We use everyones favorite candy, coat it in our own chamoy mix and use our own unique blend of spices to make savory candies with a spicy kick in every bite. 
Chamoy is a dipping sauce that is versatile and can be used on a lot of different products. I make it out of dried fruits like plum and apricot, cook it in spices like our own chili powders and a few other fruits. Once its ready, we blend it and it ends in a perfect sticky consistency that goes great with fruits, drinks and chips. The taste is a fruity sweet paste with hints of sour and spicy elements.

 More than anything, we enjoy and cherish the time we spend together as a family while working hard to provide you with yummy and spicy Mexican infused American treats. We're still a small team but we make every order with loads amount of love!

-Picakidz Fam <3